Bryan Kavanagh

Bryan Kavanagh, fat loss expert, physique transformation specialist, author, and speaker, has distinguished himself in the fitness industry by getting what many have termed “outlandish” results through his proven nutrition and fitness program.

the abs gym personal trainer dublin

As the founder and owner of ABS Gym in Dublin, Ireland and as an expert in personal and online training and nutrition, he has clients in over ten countries that have sought him out because of his knowledge and the results his members are able to achieve.


He has been a Certified Personal Trainer for ten years and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He has also obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Sports Science and Health from Dublin City University. (BSc.)


While his certifications are those of a Personal Trainer, Kavanagh prefers the title of “Coach” because a coach is someone who helps you win and Kavanagh has built a reputation of helping his clients win. His clients don’t just lose pounds, they undergo transformations. He has a very dynamic and athletic style to his training and He teaches his clients to have the mindset of an athlete.

Kavanagh is the author of Athletic Body System – a beginners training program, as well as Athlete Physique, which is a more intense training program for people that want to get lean and athletic looking for competition or a photo shoot.


He has also written articles for Natural Muscle, Muscle Bulletin, Muscle Prodigy as well as Fitness Star Magazine. Kavanagh has been a speaker at the Fitness Entrepreneur Boot Camp and has shared the stage with other well known fitness and nutrition experts such as Alwyn Cosgrove and Phil Richards as well as being contracted by universities as a consultant.


The ABS Gym is a personal training studio located in Temple Bar, Dublin 1.

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The personal trainers in the ABS Gym in dublin are not just trainers, they are lifestyle coaches. He guides, mentors and coaches people in how to improve their health and fitness with a focus on giving the individual a rock-solid foundation through education and making the individual accountable.


Bryan has authored dozens of articles and co. created 2 training systems in the fields of weight loss, muscle gain and physique development. A sought after ‘trainer of trainers’ Bryan has given practical presentations and lectures on principles of training, sports performance and making weight for sport in Dublin City University Ireland.


A Healthy Ireland
Bryan is considered an expert in Health and Fitness and he is constantly striving to further his knowledge in the field. He travels far and wide to keep on top of the latest research and bring it back to Ireland.

He spends €1000’s every year just educating himself further and travelling to work with and collaborate with the best in the industry. These educational trips have taken him as far as Las Vegas for the annual NSCA strength and conditioning conference, London for a conference held by Chad Waterbury and most recently Thailand where he represented Ireland among a group of internationally renowned trainers from as far away as Spain and New York.



Excellence In Coaching And Mentoring
In addition to his training/consulting practice, Bryan is a qualified and experienced mentor, coach, and coach supervisor and is actively involved in developing and implementing programs for trainees and trainers alike. Some of his past training clients have actually taken up a career in training themselves or they are in the process of becoming a trainer.




  1. Daniel Robinson
    Posted February 4, 2014 at 5:09 am | Permalink

    Muscle gain program.

  2. Andrea mcgee
    Posted March 10, 2014 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    Hi Bryan
    I am looking for some advice , it would be greatly appreciated I’m looking to do a fitness course I recently started ncef course but found it very out of date and didn’t want to waste my money on something that would be no use to me.
    Can u reccomend the best one to at the moment if u know if not thanks for your time.
    Kind regards

    Andrea McGee

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